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Limiting Self-Funded Employer Risk, One Policy at a Time

Founded on the principles of stability and integrity, Litchfield Underwriters proprietary underwriting methodologies deliver superior self-funded reinsurance solutions to both commercial clients and Welfare Funds alike.

The Litchfield
Underwriters Advantage

Unlike cookie-cutter underwriters, Litchfield focuses on three distinct market segments. The keystone to our approach is a proprietary underwriting methodology developed to curate policies specifically for small- to mid-sized employers (50 – 500 employees) facilitating a self-funded alternative to traditional, fully insured health plans.

We bookend the sub-middle market segment with competitive medical stop-loss reinsurance policies customized to the specific needs of middle-market commercial employers (500+ employees) and Union / Taft-Hartley Welfare Funds. This targeted strategy enables Litchfield to focus on the unique needs of each segment to offer more competitive pricing and policy flexibility, while protecting the reinsurance program’s integrity through the inherent hedging strategy tied to each segment’s distinct risk profile.

What is Medical Stop Loss Insurance?

Medical stop-loss insurance (also known as excess layer insurance) is a re-insurance product that provides protection against catastrophic and/ or a high frequency claims during the policy period. It is purchased by employers that self-fund their employee health benefit plans, but do not want to assume 100% of the liability for losses arising from the plans. Under a medical stop-loss policy, the re-insurance carrier assumes the liabilities and losses that exceed certain attachment point limits, or deductibles.

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